The Quick and Easy Boys

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The Quick & Easy Boys are a power-trio out of Portland, Oregon that creates their own blend of rock and roll. Imagine The Minutemen, The Police, and Band of Gypsies rolled into one.

Formed in 2005, The Quick & Easy Boys quickly made a name for themselves in Eugene, Oregon before relocating to Portland and becoming a renown nationally touring act. Their shows are an interactive party with electrifying stage antics and profound musical moments as the trio pours out every ounce of their energy, leaving nothing behind. The band has gained the reputation for moving a crowd all-night long whether it be a big festival or a tiny watering hole. The core members – – Sean Badders on vocals and bass and Jimmy Russell on vocals and guitar – – have continued to evolve musically…and audiences continue their enthusiastic calling of “Yeah Bud!” at every show.