Dirty Revival  


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PORTLAND BORN, DIRTY REVIVAL HAS EVOLVED FROM THE CONFINES OF A BASEMENT, TO SOME OF PDX’S MOST SOUGHT AFTER STAGES. THEIR SOULFUL SOUNDS AND ENERGETIC BEATS DELIVERS AN ATMOSPHERE THAT ENRAPTURES ANY AUDIENCE. Led by the soulful vocals of Sarah Clarke, Dirty Revival has made their mark on the Pacific Northwest music scene. The unique ensemble delivers powerful original tracks and superbly arranged classics with a resounding presence, delivering passionate performances from dimly lit dive bars to crowded concert halls and open festival skies. The dynamic, seven-piece soul outfit shines on stage, and defines influences from funkand soul-infused icons of the past. Dirty Revival has shared the stages with musical heavy-hitters such as Michael Franti, George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Slick Rick, Nappy Roots and Gift of Gab, and have several multi-regional tours already under their belt.

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